Australia Outback Tour

Crossing through the heart of Australia

Escaping the


my bicycle touring premiere

Back in 2013 I started something that changed my life in so many ways.
In the morning of the 6th of November 2013 I got all my stuff packed in two panniers and a trailer attached everything to my bicycle and started cycling towards the center of Australia

Click here for a short tour recap and how I got the idea of bicycle touring!

Numbers and Stats

6.11 – 14.12 2013

0 Days
0 Roads
0 Km

The route


A short recap

How did I get the idea for this tour?

I actually don’t know. After 5 1/2 weeks of travelling along the west coast with our vans all the way up from Perth to Darwin I felt like I didn’t want to keep on exploring Australia in this way. It just seemed wrong to me. Those 5 1/2 weeks along the western coast have been awesome but I felt way too fast for me. I wanted to be more connected to the nature so I started thinking about other ways of travelling.
After arriving in Darwin three of us started working as bicycle taxi drivers. After a few weeks I had enough of driving drunk people around the city in the night.
I don’t know what happened but one morning I got the idea of buying myself a bicycle. On the same day I went to the library to do some research and I went to a bike shop in the city to look for a bike. I also got myself two street maps which I used to mark all points where I could get water and food. One and a half weeks later my bike and trailer have been ready. I didn’t want to wait any longer because the summer was in its beginnings and it was getting hotter and hotter so I was looking forward to start this journey on the next morning.

I left Darwin with the intention to cross the continent of Australia only with the power of my legs.
At this point I didn’t know anything about bicycle touring and I had no idea what the next weeks full of heat, straight road and loneliness would be like.
Every day of this tour was a fight. Most of the time a fight against my mind.

After 39 days I arrived in Adelaide and it would be a lie to say that I wasn’t happy that this adventure found a end at this place.

39 days of straight road,
39 days of loneliness,
39 mornings getting up before sunrise to have some cooler hours,
39 days with almost the same food every day
and 39 days of being annoyed by the trailer I was pulling behind me has been enough.

Even if I was happy that this trip was over I felt like I did exactly the right thing.
On this journey I started to learn from the nature and myself. I learned about my limits and about the things which are really important for me.
I showed myself a way of traveling and living which often isn’t easy but in the end always pays off the hours and days of struggle and work with priceless moments and experiences.
No money in the world could replace those memories.

The idea of getting myself a bicycle to be able to travel in the way and speed I want to and realizing my spontaneous thoughts of cycling through the central part of Australia are definitely one of the best things I’ve done in my life so far.


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