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Redefining My Freedom

One of the reasons that kept me going for 3 1/2 years was definitely the constant search for more freedom.
Every single traveler and person is defining his or her freedom for themselves. There´s not just a single answer to describe this word and everyone feels it different as we come from different background.

Alot of people in our world are not living in freedom. They have to be afraid to be themselves, can´t shout out their opinions in public or are not even allowed to leave the region (country) to look for a better live.

For me and most of you reading this grown up in countries where we have way more rights, stability, safety and „freedom“ than most people in this world, we have different thoughts and feelings about this word.
All or most of the things which people in other countries would already feel as some kind of freedom are normal for us, so it needs more for us to feel and appreciate it.
Crossing borders, being able to afford, think about and actually go for holidays or travels … are normal things for us and often we forget how lucky we are to have all those things simply by being born in one of our countries.

We shouldn´t forget that our freedom and comfort in life is often based on the misery and costs of the more poor regions of the world.

Freedom is an amazing feeling which is sadly for so many people something not real and for them who have it something they often don´t even realize.

Moments where I often felt a huge amount of freedom was in the evenings, when I found a nice site to camp, prepared some food and simply just watched how the last sun hours of the day passed by before I would head into my tent.

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