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One week road bike tour coming up

After coming back from South America I decided that it was time for me to settle down for a while. Shortly after that I moved into a shared apartment in south west Germany and started working in a part time job.
Even though I decided to stop my long term journeys for a while doesn’t mean that I would stop traveling at all.

The first week of May I will hit the road again with a bicycle. Not with my touring bike this time I’ll use my old road bike which I already ride since more than 10 years.
This tour will be light weight but I never even considered to not bring a tent. Like all my other trips also this short tour will be self sufficient which means that I bring all the stuff to sleep in nature.

After checking out some setups of other people I started building up my own. I got myself a seat pack made by Ortlieb which will carry a sleeping bag, some clothes and food. For my sleeping pad I have a dry pack which is attached to the handle bar. My tent (Hilleberg Akto) will be attached inside the frame triangle kept in place by my own made frame pack. Instead of buying a frame pack which can be quite expensive I decided to do one myself. With a bit more than 5 euros of material costs my own frame pack is a real budget version while still doing a perfect job of attaching my tent to the bike and compressing it so my legs don’t rub along the tent while cycling. For navigation, more food, and some maintenance gear I got three small bags attached to the handlebar and front part of the top tube. For being able to carry enough water I attached to bottle cages to the fork of the bike.

Still testing my new setup I pretty happy how it turned out so far. What do you think?

There’s no fixed route so far but I got a target a bit south of Leipzig which I hopefully reach on the first Saturday of May as a friend of mine is celebrating his birthday there. The day after I’ll jump on a train to head back home.

There won’t be any reports of the tour while I’m on the road but maybe I’ll upload some updates on facebook or instagram if a find a wifi on the road!

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