Off-road in eastern Morocco (Ebook)


Off-road in Eastern Morocco

Cycling the Moroccan Sahara. A real adventure along the Algerian border!

In January 2016 I started my third long distance cycling tour. This time everything would get started in Morocco.
Reading some reports about old routes of the rally Dakar, which passed through Morocco in the past, I got stuck with one specific route. Located in Eastern Morocco I found some information about a remote 220 kilometers long, off-road path along the Algerian border – all the way from Zagora to Taouz. With only a few villages along the path and no real information about the track conditions I wasn’t really sure if this path would be possible to cycle. According to the satellite pictures this route would lead me right through the hearth of the Moroccan desert. Trying to research more about the track I only ever ended up in online forums for off-road motor biking. I wasn’t really surprised that I couldn’t find a single report about someone doing it by bicycle.

This book is about the days I crossed through the Moroccan Sahara on my bicycle on a small and remote desert path. But it is also about my first days in the country, the route towards Zagora and how I felt cycling through Morocco.
It includes maps,pictures, a price list, route suggestions and travel tips for exploring the country in a self-sufficient and responsible way.

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