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Wandamigo Hiking Trailer Review

Before I flew to South America in November 2016 I was looking for a new kind of travel for me. Leaving the bicycle at home I decided that the upcoming tour would be a long distance walking journey. A complete newbie in this way of travel the first thing I did was doing some online research. I already had some kind of an idea how my route would look like and because most of it would follow normal and unsealed roads it was clear for me that I wouldn’t like to carry my backpack all the time on my shoulders.
After a while of research I found the ideal kind of equipment for my upcoming adventure. A hiking trailer! Sometimes also called a backpack trailer, those trailers are made to take away the weight from your shoulders by simply pulling it after you on wheels. There are many different designs, concepts and price categories in this kind of travel equipment and it took me a while to find the optimum trailer for me.

I had some requirements for the trailer I would use. It must be possible to carry it on a plane without the need of special luggage, it needs to be durable and easy to fix, shouldn’t be to heavy and of course also not too pricey. After quite a bit of more research I ended up with a two wheeled trailer from a company based in southwest Germany called „Wandamigo„.

After telling them my story and plans they were happy to provide me one of their trailers. Coming back from South America I used this trailer for 1000 kilometers in rough terrain and it didn’t fail me once.
This is my review of the hiking trailer, a piece of equipment I’m really happy I brought with me and which helped me to experience the real wilderness of Patagonia.


Genereal Informations

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Max. Load
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Rubber Tires

There are different kind of trailers produced by Wandamigo. I chose to use the model with 16 inch wheels and full rubber tires. I wanted to have an trailer which rolls good on rough surface and a simple and durable design for lees problems while being on the road. With full rubber tires there weren’t any chances to run a flat and would also mean that I wouldn’t be in need of the tools to repair one. Definitely not the lightweight choice I was happy with the less maintenance option.

The trailer is really easy to assemble and it only takes a few minutes to be ready to hit the road. Consisting of the main body, two wheels, two telescope poles and a hip belt, you won’t be lost with too many parts. You can easily adjust the length and width of the two poles to fir you in the way you need. Of course also the hip belt is adjustable and easily connects to the trailer with two carbines.

The body of the trailer is equipped with a plastic ground to protect your equipment from water and dirty and to keep it away from the wheels. Coming with two rubber straps to secure your gear I was able to fit my 70+ liters backpack plus extra equipment on the trailer without being afraid to lose stuff.

Wandamigo claims this trailer with a maximum load of 30 kilograms and I can definitely confirm that. In average I probably had around 20-25 kilograms of load on the trailer. After 1000 kilometers the trailer still worked perfectly fine, nothing was bend and the wheels were still centered. Sometimes I carried food for way more than a week and also water for a few days which definitely increased the weight of my load to more than 30 kilograms. The trailer still did a perfect job.


Transport and Usage

For the flight to South America I disassembled the wheels and simply removed and took apart the two poles. The wheels and trailer body (plus some other stuff) were my hand luggage and the poles were inside my backpack. No complains about my carry on and no need of a pricey special luggage (sports equipment …).


Lets start with the walking, the actual use the trailer is build for. After having everything packed and secured on the trailer you’re almost good to go. Last step: put on the hip belt and connect it to the trailer. The belt is easy to adjust and you can also change the length of the loops where the trailer will be connected to with the help of the carbines. With this you can change the angle of the trailer which will slightly change its behavior. After adjusting it once I never changed it again.
This connection between you and the trailer also absorbs a lot of the movement and vibrations coming from the trailer created by the conditions of your route.
Tip from me: Never wear the hip belt as the outermost layer. Wearing it just above the first layer of clothing was the most comfortable for me and also kept the belt dry when it rained.

Rain? No problem! Connected to the trailer I was still able to use the rain cover of the backpack in its normal way even though the backpack got covered the other way around.
Fixing the backpack with its shoulder straps to the top, which is also the way it meant to be fixed on the trailer, also allows you to shoulder it including the whole setup in case your way is blocked or in case you’re leaving your track to find a quite camp spot.

Almost 100 percent of the kilometers I’ve walked with the trailer I’ve used my hiking poles to assists my legs. Especially in step up and downhills I was happy to have them to assist me.
Sometimes when the road was good I packed the poles away to continue my route in a slow running speed. It really surprised me that even while running the trailer still followed me without drastically disturbing my movement which made it possible to cover some kilometers in a faster speed if I wanted to.

There’s one feature of the trailer which I haven’t used. On the upper ends of the two poles there are holes to mount bottle cages or other things. This little extra allows you to have something to drink while walking and without disconnecting from the trailer.


After 600 kilometers of walking some issues with my health and also my general feelings made me get back on the bicycle. Not much later I bought a second hand bike and was almost ready to continue my journey. Of course I wasn’t looking forward to leave the trailer behind so I had to find a way to connect it to the bicycle. Limited by the small selection of parts in the local general store I was still able to build a working bike mount for the trailer.
No doubt this wasn’t the perfect touring setup but considering that this whole thing with the bike wasn’t planned, realized in a single day and that the trailer is normally a setup for long distance hiking and not focused on being a bicycle touring trailer, it still worked out great.
The low center of gravity of the trailer and the 16 inch full rubber tires did a great job. The trailer didn’t feel like a break which I was pulling after me, it never overbalanced, never started wobbling around and I always had a safe feeling on this setup, even on the unsealed roads.

Wandamigo hiking trailer

Conclusion and Contact

Even though I couldn’t realize everything of my original plan or idea and walked way less than expected I still had an amazing time in South America. Also because I brought some good working gear with me. This was my first ever experience with a fully self supported long distance hike and the hiking trailer of Wandamigo definitely helped me to get into this new kind of travel.
Not even once I had to fix something on the trailer and I didn’t even have to tighten a single screw on 1000 kilometers of good and really bad roads and paths. I overloaded the trailer sometimes and used in a way it’s maybe not meant to be used and it still did a great job.

I think there’s nothing else to say than that the guys from Wandamigo really have a good product there which worked perfect for me.
I’m not just saying that because they sponsored me with this hiking trailer for my time in Patagonia, they actually provide people with a product which is worth its price as it helps people to accomplish their tour and adventures.

Feel free to check out their website bellow!


Company: Wandamigo
Website: www.wandamigo.de
Email: /contact
The trailer I used: Pilgerwagen



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